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RSA is full of some very powerful features. Our videos are designed to give you a run down of each of these features and how they can be used to great effect whilst you develop your own winning strategies.

Please ensure you take the time to view each of these.

Settings available in Analyser:

Weekly Results Template

Telegram Resources

Our Telegram room has additional training material available. You may need to download the client and register for free directly from the Telegram website if you’ve not already.

RSA User Manual

This is an early release of the RSA User Manual and is part-complete. As a result there are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and it only covers RSA up until Bet Finder (even that still requires a bit more before completed)! We just wanted to get something up that will at least get you started and we hope to have it 100% complete and perfect ASAP. Thank you, Mike and Hamid.