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Bet Finder is designed to help you find winners or losers for a particular day or week of racing, using historical data.

With Bet Finder, you can reverse look up race results, for a day, or a week, or any longer period of time, and compare them to previous years – all shown according to BSP of the runners, completely disregarding form. You can easily see how, for example, the first, second, third, or any other favourite performed on the first day of the third week in each of the last several years. Data available for look up goes back 11 years for UK and 8 years for Australia. This is especially useful for a regular annual events, such as Grand National, Ascot or Cheltenham. You can sort and filter results by a number of various criteria, including track, distance or race type; whether a certain week or day historically had outsiders winning at high BSP or had a low number of favourite winners; in what race type, distance or track those winners (or losers) predominantly occurred.

Based on past results you would be able to determine patterns (as they do exist) and predict future winners with higher degree of probability. This, in turn, should help you build a betting strategy and back test it to see if it would have been profitable within the selected time period. Applying various filters will help you increase the probability of success and minimise losses.