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Everything starts here….

Forget your excel sheets and move to hyper speed there is nothing better anywhere for seeing, historical data on odds, BSP and In-running highs and lows, then drilling down to find what you need

Learn the power of odds

Bet Finder provides you with the fastest, most powerful way to learn all about historical odds, BSP and In-Running highs and lows.

At RSA we do things better than the rest, we drill down not up…. instead of starting with a guess as to what might work, RSA lets you see everything each step of the way – allowing you to see where to look for the next filter you should apply. No downloading excel sheets, no waiting, ask it a question and have the answer in near real-time

With Bet Finder, you can see every race for the last 10 years – that is 135,000 winners and 1.15 million losers (as at Oct 7th 2021) and see everything about them.

Pro users get an extra button that takes all the settings used in Bet Finder through to Analyser. There you can find the highs and lows in graph form of your prospective strategy and if that’s not enough, with a single click the system will create a bot to run in RSA Auto Bet

Bet Finder now available to everyone as a stand-alone app in RSA Bronze for just 14.99 per month and is included in both Silver and Gold Subscription.