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Discover all there is to know about odds BSP and in running..... Know when a 100 to 1 is overdue and where you should be looking for them. Run what-if scenarios on your chosen strategies and determine the potential profitability and maximum exposures for up to an entire year. Check how accurate the wisdom of the crowd is historically for any race - do punters mostly get it right (top2 win) or do they always get it wrong? Learn RaceStatsApp and learn to understand the many facets of odds data and improve your punting life. RaceStatsApp has been a 14-year commitment to perfection in creating the ultimate tools for dedicated followers of horse racing - now in it's fourth year. With the release of RaceStatsApp with Elasticsearch we have now have reached the pinnacle of horse racing analytics

Powerful Features

The RaceStatsApp has 6 components - each giving you access to advanced data and visuals not available anywhere else
Forget your excel sheets and move to hyper speed there is nothing better anywhere for seeing, historical data on odds, BSP and In-running highs and lows <.... Read more>
Where you learn to read the Heat Maps and Sandwich Bars. <.... Read more>
BSP Check is our live play app, that uses historical data based on preselected filters <.... Read more>
A bespoke betting application that lets you set all your bets up and see what your overall position will be before submitting them to the exchange <.... Read more>
Provides the ability to look at a graph of any query to see its highs and lows for the last 6 years <.... Read more>
Auto Bet takes what you found in Bet Finder\Analyser and plays it exactly as you saw it <.... Read more>

The innovators

Meet the team behind RSA

Mike O’Neil



Software Architect


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I subscribed to RaceStatsApp only about 5 weeks ago and quickly saw the potential in this completely new method of betting, ie following odds not form. There is much to learn and some work involved in the learning, however I want to say that in no way have I felt that I am alone in this. The back up from Mike and the team is frankly over and above anything I have ever experienced. Mike even took the time to make a 10 minute video especially for me in response to one of my many questions. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and with these guys on my side I defiantly feel I'm onto a winner here.


Gary Dodge

The Race Stats App community and tools on offer are unique and unmatched in the racing world. During UK lockdown the innovations kept coming and we discussed and learnt together while there was little else on. UK users were given access to Australian RSA meaning we had something to focus on, play with, even earn from while the UK racing was on hold.



For years I was your average punter, the exact same all over twitter and betting shops in the country. In essence I was losing money! I followed some tipsters, even paid for some too. And what a great feeling when you landed a nice priced winner! But those days were rare indeed. I stumbled across a free trial of a ‘Racestatsapp’ through twitter and gave it a go, nothing to lose right! Well almost three years later I am still now a paying member, that alone should give you an idea of how powerful using data is. NO using form, NO trainer stats, NO waiting for updates on the going. It took a while to get used to this new way of thinking, and old habits die hard of course. But when data simply tells you a favourite CANNOT win, and its even money, or even shorter, you cannot deny its power. Overtime I believe this ‘app’ has grown into the single most powerful betting tool anyone will ever have. All exchange integrated, the punters decide the price of the horse, the data tells you whether they are right or wrong! So be prepared to forget everything you ever learned about betting on horses, it took me a long time to do that, now I rarely know who the jockey is, let alone the trainer, because it is all about the data!



Ever since Mike first started posting RSA "slides" on Twitter several years ago I've been hooked! The transformation from the original slides to what it is today is simply amazing, giving its users access to a goldmine of data on races from the UK, Ireland and Australia. BSP data really is a strong indicator of how a race will play out, with the data pointing you in the direction you should play each race. Whether you are able to play race by race or find bots to automate, RSA has it all. If you are willing to the put the effort in to learn how to use the tools and read the data you will be on the road to great rewards!


Greg C

RSA is a unique piece of software on the betting market which uses market trends rather than form, racing conditions, trainer & jockey stats, etc. It is said that the odds on the Betfair Exchange is the best indicator of actual probabilities for the individual horses to win and on average this is likely true – but not every race performs as per the average and RSA is a brilliant tool to help you point out the true favourites and the false ones. Add a great, thriving forum with helpful people and you have a winning formula. RSA is a great piece of software for anyone interested in making money betting or trading on horse racing



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